The People’s Party of Arunachal believes in the well-being and over-all advancement of the people of Arunachal Pradesh and the establishment in India by peaceful and Constitutional means of a secular order based on Parliamentary Democracy in which there is equality of opportunity and of political, economic and social rights and equal access to resources, and the natural resources of the Slate for the welfare of the people and the State.

                The Party also bears true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established, and to the principle of freedom from interference, and centralized politico-centric, and inculcate the democratic values; and would uphold the sovereignty unity and integrity of India with true spirit of regionalism as complementary to mainstream policy and programme.

                Ideologically the Party would focus on the supreme interests of the State. while concentrating on increasing the Stale’s sphere of influence and political power through implementation of autonomy, devolution, State’s right, decentralization for a greater degree of independence in governing, accountability, transparency and developmental planning. The Party shall prioritise the State development and encourage indigenous science and knowledge system, local control of government, and State culture and identity.

                 Indigenous people should be politically sensitized and accordingly organized to participate with vigour and enthusiasm in the nation building process. The problems facing the people of State can only be solved by enabling the functioning of regional political institutions which satisfies peoples’ aspirations and needs by hilly exploiting the resources of the nature which are untapped or under-tapped, which together would make the State self- reliant and financially self-dependent.

                 To achieve the highest form of autonomy peoples have the rights to determine and develop priorities and strategies as regards to the use of their lands or territories and other resources. They have also right to maintain, control, protect and preserve their cultural heritage, traditional knowledge systems and cultural expressions as well as manifestations of the indigenous sciences and technologies and cultures, Including human and genetic resources, seeds, ethnomedicines, oral traditions, folk literatures, designs, indigenous games and sports, visual and performing arts.