ARUNACHAL PRADESH, situated in the north eastern part of India is 83,743 sq km in area and has a long international border with Bhutan to the west (160 km), China to the north and north-east (1,080 km) and Myanmar to the east (440 km). It stretches from snow-capped mountains in the north to the plains of Brahmaputra valley in the south. Arunachal is the largest state area wise in the north-eastern region, even larger than Assam which is the most populous.

It is a land of lush green forests, deep river valleys and beautiful plateaus.

The land is mostly mountainous with Himalayan ranges along the northern borders criss-crossed with mountain ranges running north-south.

These divide the State into five river valleys : the Kameng, the Subansiri, the Siang, the Lohit and the Tirap. All these rivers are fed by snows from the Himalayas and countless rivers and rivulets except Tirap which is fed by Patkai Range.The mightiest of these rivers is Siang , called Tsangpo in Tibet.

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